Startup entrepreneur

Wooply: Creating a business model for an HR Tech startup that provides a professional orientation platform

The startup idea: Helping young people to find their vocation, rather than a profession

The idea for Wooply was presented by Ludovica at the Startup Weekend Milano 2017. Ludovica intended to offer professional orientation to young people who are in the phase of career orientation and have to decide what professional formation and future career path to pursue. She wanted to enable them to make smart choices about their formation and career paths in order to find a job that matches their inclinations and attitudes.

The idea came from her personal experience that the Italian school and university system offers little possibility to find out what it will be like to work daily in a profession before starting the first job – an experience that all team members could intuitively relate to.

The teamwork: Developing the business model, the launch plan and the website for the professional orientation platform

Ludovica has been supported by Simona, Jonathan, Vito, Stefano, Alessandro and me. We have elaborated the value proposition and business plan, a platform launch plan, as well as a website MVP.

Young people in the phase of professional orientation, find a career test on the website, assessing their personality and directing them toward jobs that will likely be more a vocation than a profession for them. Recruiters find highly profiled candidates on the platform; they have become the paying customers we are targeting.

The MVP consists of the website with a basic professional orientation test, recruiting services, and a community. The roadmap includes refining the career matching algorithms, online resources to portray jobs, and a matching service allowing young people to shadow a professional for a couple of days. This shall enable young people to develop a deep and realistic understanding of the jobs they choose.

Ludovica and Simona preparing for the final pitch.

Ludovica and the other team members have been driven and talented, and have collaborated to create sophisticated solutions. For example, they have created a mockup of the personality test based on a job analysis with main tasks and work styles for several distinct professions. The job dimensions they have come up with were well-grounded from an organizational behavior point of view.

This results from Ludovica’s maturity and leadership skills, who has been open to ideas that shape her startup business, yet driven and focused to get things done.

The result: a validated business model, a launch plan and a website MVP for the HR Tech startup

Ludovica now has a verified business model, a launch plan, and a website concept that’s psychologically sound for her HR Tech startup offering a professional orientation. She can now pursue her startup further by coding and launching the website.

When young people have a clear idea of what it will be like to work in the profession they are choosing, and find a work that is fulfilling and meets their talents, a work that is more a vocation than a profession, everybody wins – the young professionals, the recruiting companies, and our society.