Terms and privacy

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  1. European Christian business academy. My services and the community I host are dedicated to the interests and needs of Christian business owners from Europe.
  2. Classes, circles and coaching. I, Nicole Schaller, provide all classes, circles and coaching services personally via video call. If I may be hindered to do so, i.e. by illness, you get your money back.
  3. Courses and community are available via this website with lifelong access. You benefit directly from course updates.
  4. Your usage rights. You may use the online courses, classes and coaching with knowledge, skill training and guided activities to improve your management and leadership skills and develop your team and organization. Beyond that, all rights are reserved.
  5. Confidentiality and consent to use what you choose to share. I treat all information you give me strictly confidential. Please treat the information others share in the classes, the leader circles and in the community as confidential as you would like them to treat yours. Everything you share of your experiences, activities and progress is supposed to stay in the circle of people you shared it with: an individual coaching, a leader circle, a class or the community of this website. By sharing, you consent that it may be used in this context.
  6. Your privacy and data storage on my website. If you’re a client and an online learner, your purchase history and invoices, your learning activity and progress, as well as your community contributions and profile are stored. If you’re an email subscriber, your email-related activities are stored. If you’re a visitor, your page visits are stored. This information is for my eyes only; I don’t share it with anyone else. If you value your privacy higher than a personalized experience, you can avoid behavior tracking via cookies by using ‘do not track’ or the incognito mode in your browser.
  7. Support. All services come with support by me both on the content and your business project – on a fair use basis. You can always reach out to me, preferrably in the community so that others profit from the answers too. If it’s confidential, you may mail me at nicole@nicoleschaller.eu, or call me at +49 6181 12303.
  8. Contracting. We have a contract after I have accepted the order and sent you an invoice. You can pay safely via SEPA bank transfer.
  9. Company. You have a contract with Nicole Schaller, Donaustr. 30, 63452 Hanau, Germany. Registered as a sole proprietorship with full liability, EU VAT DE269599913.