Change leader coaching – 12 coaching sessions


In twelve 1-hour coaching sessions, I coach you in your effort to tackle the big and daily management and leadership challenges that come with leading change to reinvent your organization.



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Change leader coaching – 12 coaching sessions

In twelve 1-hour coaching sessions, I coach you in your effort to tackle the big and daily management and leadership challenges that come with leading change to reinvent your organization.

My expertise is all around finding innovative solution approaches to the big management and leadership challenges we are facing today. These are big challenges and solution approaches I can help you to work on:

Reinvent your enterprise

Learn how to manage and lead change in your innovative organization. To make your enterprise stay ahead of the change curve, you become a management pioneer who reinvents management and leadership principles and practices to meet 21st century goals like unleashing human potential. You create a highly engaging work environment, accelerate adaptability, foster innovation by everyone and leaders everywhere, and realize emerging business opportunities.

Reinventing your management system – become a management pioneer, reinvent the way you manage, lead and collaborate, your management principles and processes, to act as a catalyst for what you are trying to achieve. Find new ways to mobilize and organize human effort that set yourself apart from the competition.

Accelerate adaptability to change – build an organization that is capable of continuous renewal in the absence of a crisis, accelerate and improve the generating of new strategic options and their implementation by involving more people and ideas, and redeploying capital and talent faster to promising new projects. 

Innovation by everyone – make innovation everyone’s job every day, make innovation a core capability that is deeply embedded in the organization by equipping and empowering all your people to be innovators.

Create a highly engaging work environment – create a company where everyone gives their best, their human capabilities of initiative, creativity and passion. Create more freedom at work and more accountability at the same time by creating a work environment that follows community principles and is purpose and results oriented.

Leaders everywhere – expand the leadership capacity of your organization by redistributing power, giving more people the chance to lead, and by developing more leaders.  Become a servant leader by leading with your authority/influence instead of power, turn followers into leaders, practice situational leadership adapting your leadership style to the business situation and development stage of your people.

Realize emerging business opportunities – create management principles and processes to systematically identify emerging business opportunities and turn them into profitable businesses, foster entrepreneurship and new ventures within your enterprise.

How coaching works

In twelve 1-hour coaching calls, I’ll make you work on your business project and familiarize you with innovative management and leadership approaches along the way.

You’ll learn practical skills, get to try them in your daily work, and reflect on your journey and impact as a business leader in regular coaching check-ins. You can reassure yourself on how to improve your activities and check back with me on next steps to take. My goal is to enable you to perform management and leadership tasks with confidence, so you can ask me anything around that. With my guidance, you’ll develop your management and leadership competencies, advance your business project and own your solution.

We can use the coaching as one-on-one sessions, or you can invite your executive team in. The coaching sessions are held via video call.

You can purchase the package of 12 coaching sessions now, and they are good for one year. You can schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions with me, and renew after that.  

3 steps to get coaching

Please purchase the 12 coaching calls. Working on something great? I’d love to help make it happen. Get in touch.

Connect. For the coaching sessions, please connect to the video call.

Coaching. Please tell me what you are trying to achieve, and we’ll take it from there.

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