Scaling up – management and leadership courses and coaching

Learn how to manage and lead your growing business, or scaleup. When you grow your business, you work on scaling your business and building a company. You professionalize your operations to get repeatable results, and build a high-performing team to get extraordinary results.

The challenges of growing a business

Once your startup has achieved product-market-fit, it is time to work on scaling your business and build an owner-independent company. Basically, you do this in two steps.

1. Implement high-growth drivers into business model

First thing, you need to implement several external high-growth drivers into your value proposition and business model that allow for exponential growth. You do this by making use of abundant external resources instead of limiting yourself to linear growth bound to your internal resources.

2. Configure organization to deal with growth

Next, you work on your internal organization to deal with the increasing business coming in. There are two proclaimed approaches to this; we will explore both because they both have their merits:

Build a system that ensures ordinary people deliver repeatable, predictable results

One approach to scaling is to build a system that works by professionalizing the everyday processes in the company. You build a system that aims at delivering a great experience to the customer and revenue for the company in a predictable, repeatable way.

Lean management uses the standardization of work to capture what works and establish a baseline for further improvement. Lean enterprise helps to scale the lean startup approach and makes a strong case for evidence based management. Insights from business owner coaching will ensure that you are creating a company, not a job.

Hire great people, then give them the environment to create extraordinary results

The second approach to scaling is to create a highly engaging work environment and hire great people to then give them the freedom to amaze you with extraordinary work results you could not have defined beforehand. In a time of constant change and disruptive innovations, this seems to be the approach with higher potential for the long term. As this leads directly to the innovative enterprise and leadership, we will draw mainly from the insights on how to manage innovative enterprises and lead people.

Courses and coaching for scaleups

The following services are dedicated to growing businesses owners and their core team. They cover the main challenges every growth-business team faces when scaling up with focus on people and operations.