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Reinvent management challenge

How might we all become management innovators? 
How to make management innovation – reimagining and rebuilding how we manage and organize – a core capability?

“Is your company as adaptable as it needs to be,
as innovative as it could be,
and as much fun to work in as it should be?”

Nicole Schaller, academy founder

Today, the No. 1 job of business leaders is to innovate our own work: the way we manage and lead.

To create a competitive advantage by the way we’re managing our organization and leading our people, we managers must stop thinking of management as a body of beliefs and best practices handed down to us from b-schools and consultants. Instead, we need to learn to design our own unique management principles and practices. We need to see ourselves in charge of innovating management; the profession of management includes being able to innovate our own work.

How do we tackle that challenge?

By seeing ourselves as management pioneers and following the process of defining the challenge, reimagining our organization, and rebuilding management with a change initiative.

By disrupting our management with novel management principles that challenge long-standing beliefs, a systemic change encompassing a range of organizational principles and practices, and ongoing programs of inventions where progress compounds over time.

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What people are saying

“With Nicole Schaller we have worked successfully during the startup weekend in Darmstadt. Her experience and structured input were very helpful and have allowed us to develop our business model further.”

Alex Wyllie, founder + CEO of IT-Seal

“Mrs. Schaller worked successfully on ‘learning organization’ and ‘organizational citizenship behavior’ while studying at the FernUniversität. She convinced with sophisticated elaboration and competent reflection in excellent papers and presentations. For her current engagement, I wish her every success!”

Wendelin Küpers, professor for organization and leadership

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