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Adaptability to change challenge

How might we accelerate our adaptability to change? 
How to dramatically accelerate the pace of strategic renewal, building a company that changes as fast as the world around us? 
How to build organizations that are capable of continuous self-renewal in the absence of a crisis? 
How to create organizations with an evolutionary advantage?

“Is your company as adaptable as it needs to be,
as innovative as it could be,
and as much fun to work in as it should be?”

Nicole Schaller, academy founder

People are highly adaptable; the real challenge is to create organizations that are capable of constant strategic renewal in the absence of a crisis. So, we need to shift our thinking from “how can we change those people?” to “how can we make your organizations as adaptable as human beings are?”

3 sub-challenges help us tackle the challenge:

Open to new ideas
How do we ensure that discomforting information is not denied as it moves up the hierarchy?

Steady stream of compelling options
How do we build a management process that continually generates hundreds of new strategic options?

Accelerate resource redeployment
How do we accelerate the redeployment of resources from legacy programs to future-focused initiatives?

Services to accelerate adaptability to change and strategic renewal

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What people are saying

“With Nicole Schaller we have worked successfully during the startup weekend in Darmstadt. Her experience and structured input were very helpful and have allowed us to develop our business model further.”

Alex Wyllie, founder + CEO of IT-Seal

“Mrs. Schaller worked successfully on ‘learning organization’ and ‘organizational citizenship behavior’ while studying at the FernUniversität. She convinced with sophisticated elaboration and competent reflection in excellent papers and presentations. For her current engagement, I wish her every success!”

Wendelin Küpers, professor for organization and leadership

Core capabilities: Organizational change, Strategy work, Ambidexterity, Core competencies