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My Food Story: Creating a business model and a launch plan for an organic food platform

The startup idea: Helping farmers promote their organic food via a platform that tells the food story

The idea for My Food Story was presented by Nicolas at the Startup Weekend Aix-Marseille 2016. Nicolas intended to build a web platform that connects farmers of organic food with their clients.

The platform solves the problem that most organic farmers don’t have a professional web presence and are not properly recognized and compensated for the work they put into producing organic food. The consumers don’t know where their food is coming from and can’t distinguish organic products.

The teamwork: Developing the business model, the launch plan and the website for the organic food platform

Nicolas was supported by Damien, Ajit, Frédéric, Cyprien, Marie-Hélène and me. With backgrounds in IT development, web design and business, we developed the value proposition, the business model, the launch plan, and designed a working website as a minimum viable product.

The platform serves farmers by showcasing their work and products in form of food stories and producer profiles to tell the story of their food production. Consumers are directed to these food stories from various channels, including at the point-of-sale. Via these food stories and a community, organic farmers can connect directly with consumers, inform them, and promote their products.

We validated the problem and the solution with farmers, distributors and consumers. Based on that we developed a business model. I particularly enjoyed going out and talking to farmers and consumers of organic products in Aix-en-Provence.

As the founder, Nicolas has led the team exemplary – driven to realize his idea and at the same time flexible enough so that the team members could make the idea their own and contribute.

Nicolas presents his idea for the organic food platform.

The result: A verified business model and a platform design to serve farmers and consumers of organic food

Now Nicolas has a website to serve as a minimum viable product, a business model and a launch plan, as well as a platform design for his startup idea to match farmers and consumers of organic food from the region. He can launch his platform within a region like Provence and then expand to France and beyond to tap into the growing market of organic food.

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