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Financial Footprint Calculator: Developing a business model for a social startup to change investment behaviors

The startup idea: Raise people’s awareness for the social impact of their investments, and change investment behaviors

The idea for the Financial Footprint Calculator was pitched by Konstantin and Catherine on the Startup Weekend Berlin Social Innovation 2015. The business idea is a social innovation business that wants to raise awareness for sustainable investments and the positive impact private investors can have with their financial decisions. It aims at changing the behavior of private investors.

The teamwork: Creating a social business with impact that is sustainable

Konstantin and Catherine were joined by Florian, Tobias, Daniela and me to realize the intended impact by a web-based scoring of investments, the financial footprint, and suggestions for improving the footprint.

We have developed a website to demonstrate the user experience, and criteria for scoring the footprint. We have elaborated a business model to make money by brokering sustainable investment products.

I contributed on how to create a sustainable business around a social innovation: how to make the greatest possible impact and make money to sustain the purpose.

The result: A website and a business model for changing where we invest our money

Konstantin and Catherine now have a website and a business model to raise awareness and change behavior on where we invest our money, and to achieve the impact their business is aiming at: leveraging the financial power of a mass of private investors.

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