Elaborating the business and website MVP for CRINNEO – a crowd innovation and entrepreneurship platform that wants to increase the number of successfully realized business ideas for a greater social impact. By applying lean startup, social entrepreneurship and community building.

The startup idea: Making a social impact by increasing the number of successfully realized business ideas

The idea of CRINNEO was pitched by Michael on the Startup Weekend Stuttgart Social Impact 2015. The business idea is a web-based crowd innovation and entrepreneurship platform to bring visionaries, makers and mentors together to collaborate on ideas with startup potential and find co-founders. The platform aims at increasing the number of tackled and successfully realized ideas for new businesses.

The teamwork: Elaborating a sustainable social business model for the ideas platform

Michael was joined by Andreas, Dara, Rohish and me. With diverse professional backgrounds, we elaborated the business and website concept to start from (MVP) and how it could develop over years to have a social impact. We could validate the value proposition and gain sign-ups for the service. An internal reward system shall keep people on the platform to assist each other. Several revenue streams shall ensure a sustainable social business.

Nicole’s contribution: Facilitating and coaching the lean startup process to help turn the vision into a business

Michael had his vision for quite some time; and he tried to include every good idea about offering a great value proposition or financing the website in his vision, so it became very complex. But he did not know where to start.

By facilitating and coaching the lean startup process I helped Michael and the team to develop a minimum viable product, a website with the core value proposition and financing, while keeping the vision in mind.

Particularly, how to attract people with ideas, people with skills and expertise, and companies interested in open innovation to engage on the platform. What intrinsic and extrinsic motivations as well as aspects of community building have to be considered?

The result: To be a social entrepreneur, know your vision of the impact you want to make, but also know where to start

Now Michael can distinguish between a minimum business model with a minimum viable website and his vision. He has a business and website concept to start from. He can realize it to get his crowd innovation and entrepreneurship platform started. From there, he can enlarge the service and its impact: business ideas are realized, people use their talents and together they make a difference in the world.

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