How to build a business around an idea?
How to start lean? How to develop your business model and validate it with customer development?

Today we compete not on the basis of products or technology, but on the basis of entire business models and outstanding organizations. Lean startup allows you to find out what works for you and create your business in iterative learning cycles.

Building your lean startup helps you increase the odds of success of your startup. It teaches you how to create something that customers want, and build a profitable business around it.

You’ll learn to practice lean startup, experimenting with your ideas in iterative cycles in order to learn what works. You’ll do that by building minimal viable products and testing them with customers. Then you’ll take what you have learned and revise your hypothesis about what must hold true to make your business work.

You’ll learn how to design a business around your idea by elaborating a value proposition and testing it with customers, selling to early adopters before reaching out to mainstream customers, and starting to build key activities and resources to deliver on your offer.

Core competencies: Lean startup, Business model design, Customer Development, Entrepreneurship

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