How might we foster leaders everywhere?
How to dramatically expand the leadership capacity of our organization?

In the future, a company that strives to build a leadership advantage will need an organizational model that gives everyone the chance to lead if they are capable, and a talent development model that helps everyone to become capable to be a leader.

Management tasks will increasingly be performed by people at lower levels and in the periphery of the organization. Management innovation often redistributes power pushing it down and outward; so when you’re striving to become a more adaptable, innovative and engaging organization, you’re going to have to tackle the leadership challenge, too.

We’re also going to manage less and lead more. That means we need to learn to lead for adaptability, innovation and engagement.

2 sub-challenges help us tackle this challenge:

Redistribute power
How might we redistribute power in a way that gives many more individuals the opportunity to lead?

Leading with authority/influence instead of power
How might we equip and energize individuals to lead with authority, or influence, even if they lack formal power?

Explore how to create leaders on all levels of your organization.

Core competencies: Leadership development, Leadership, Situational leadership, Leading with authority, Leadership experiments, Hack leadership

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