How might we foster innovation by everyone?
How to make innovation everyone’s job, every day?
How to make innovation the product of a core capability that is deeply embedded in the organization?

Your people are creative, it just may not be at work. Let’s enroll and equip everybody in the work of innovation.

3 sub-challenges help us tackle this challenge:

How can we enroll every individual in the company in the work of innovation?
How can we equip each one with creativity-boosting tools?

Systematically challenge mental models
How can we ensure that the founder’s and manager’s beliefs don’t restrain innovation?
How can we ensure that ideas are judged solely based on their merits?

Time for creativity
How can we make time for grassroots innovation in an organization that is running lean to deliver today’s results?

Find out how to make the innovation work a natural part of the job of all your people.

Core competencies: Innovation management, Design thinking, Creativity, Leading for innovation

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