How might we create a highly engaging work environment?
How to create a company where everyone gives their best – their human capabilities of intellect, creativity, initiative and passion?
How to reinvent our management systems so that they inspire human beings to bring all of their capabilities to work every day?

To create organizations where everybody brings their best to work every day – their human capabilities of intellect, creativity, initiative, and passion – we need to stop thinking in terms of empowerment programs, and fundamentally rethink how to engage people.

3 sub-challenges help us tackle this challenge:

How can we broaden the scope of employee freedom by managing less without sacrificing focus, discipline and order?

How can we create a company where the spirit of community binds people together?

How can we enlarge the sense of mission that people feel throughout our organization so that it justifies extraordinary contributions?

Explore how to engage people and unleash human potential in your organization.

Core competencies: Highly engaging work environment, Work design, Job crafting, Leading for engagement, Results only work environment, Autonomy at work, Freedom at work, Unleash human potential, Future of work, High performance, Organizational citizenship behavior, Commitment, Engagement, Empowerment, Open organization, Leading for engagement

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