How might we all become management innovators? 
How to make management innovation – reimagining and rebuilding how we manage and organize – a core capability?

Today, the No. 1 job of business leaders is to innovate our own work: the way we manage and lead. To create a competitive advantage by the way we’re managing our organization and leading our people, we managers must stop thinking of management as a body of beliefs and best practices handed down to us from b-schools and consultants. Instead, we need to learn to design our own unique management principles and practices. We need to see ourselves in charge of innovating management; the profession of management includes being able to innovate our own work.

How do we tackle that challenge? By seeing ourselves as management pioneers and following the process of defining the challenge, reimagining our management inspired by fresh principles and vanguard organizations, and then hacking management with change experiments.

Discover how you can become a management innovator making the innovation of your leadership and management a natural part of your job.

Core capabilities: Management innovation, Hack management, Reinventing organizations, Future of work, Management experiments

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