How might we accelerate our adaptability to change?
How to dramatically accelerate the pace of strategic renewal, building a company that changes as fast as the world around us?
How to build organizations that are capable of continuous self-renewal in the absence of a crisis?
How to create organizations with an evolutionary advantage?

People are highly adaptable; the real challenge is to create organizations that are capable of constant strategic renewal in the absence of a crisis. So, we need to shift our thinking from ‘how can we change those people?’ to ‘how can we make your organizations as adaptable as human beings are?’

3 sub-challenges help us tackle the challenge:

Open to new ideas
How do we ensure that discomforting information is not denied as it moves up the hierarchy?

Steady stream of compelling options
How do we build a management process that continually generates hundreds of new strategic options?

Accelerate resource redeployment
How do we accelerate the redeployment of resources from legacy programs to future-focused initiatives?

Discover how to create an evolutionary advantage in your organization.

Core capabilities: Organizational change, Strategy work, Ambidexterity, Core competencies

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