How to elaborate your business model and verify it with customer development

Get started on designing your business model. You’ll learn why you should work with a dynamic business model instead of a business plan, the 9 elements that can be used to describe the business model of any startup or company, and how you can use customer development to verify your assumptions that are inherent in your […]

Creating a business model for an HR Tech startup that offers a professional orientation platform

Creating the business model for the HR Tech startup Wooply – a recruiting platform that specializes in professional orientation. A career matching algorithm directs young professionals toward the vocation that matches their inclinations and attitudes. By applying lean startup as well as HR practices and organizational psychology.

Creating a business model and a launch plan for an organic food platform

Elaborating a business model and a launch plan for My Food Story – a web platform that provides farmers of organic food with a professional internet presence showcasing their work and products. Consumers can inform themselves about the whole chain of production of their food. By applying lean startup and the current knowledge on how to build a matchmaking platform.

Developing a business model and concept for an EdTech startup that offers a personalized education

Elaborating a business model for The Discovery Challenge – an education startup that wants to help educators facilitate a personalized discovery journey for teenage students. By applying lean startup as well as motivational psychology and learning pedagogy.

Creating a business model for an EdTech startup that provides a multi-sided eLearning platform

Elaborating a business model for Apprend un truc – an EdTech startup that plans to offer an eLearning platform for private teaching with a marketplace and a virtual classroom. By applying lean startup and eLearning pedagogy to create a compelling eLearning platform and a business around it. 

Developing a business model for a tech startup that identifies IT security problems caused by employee behavior

Elaborating a business model for IT-SEAL – an IT security startup that helps hidden champions to protect their trade secrets and client data from industrial espionage with a social engineering analysis. By applying lean startup to develop a value proposition and a profitable business from the core technology. 

Creating a business model for a social startup that increases the successfully realized business ideas

Elaborating the business and website MVP for CRINNEO – a crowd innovation and entrepreneurship platform that wants to increase the number of successfully realized business ideas for a greater social impact. By applying lean startup, social entrepreneurship and community building.

Developing a business model for a social startup that changes investor behaviors

Finding the business model for Financial Footprint Calculator – a social innovation business that wants to raise awareness of private investors for the positive impact their investments can have, and change their behavior. By applying Lean Startup, Customer Development and Business Model Canvas combined with social innovation and sustainability criteria to have an impact and make money.