What it takes to design the multicultural organization

When a management system that works in one country is transferred to another country and fails, this indicates that there is something between management system and employee behavior that moderates the effect – presumably culture. In global networks and value-added chains, multinational corporations are challenged to design an organization under cultural influences – among others. […]

Organizational Citizenship Behavior can only be created the authentic way

Today it is almost impossible to anticipate detailed guidelines for employee behavior. Situated coordination and cooperation have become a part of the job. Consequently, working contract, working role and working behavior diverge. Companies have discovered subjectivity as a resource offering performance potentials like commitment, self-control and improvising that are expected to result in a decrease […]

How to facilitate change processes with organizational learning

In a complex and dynamic environment organization units are challenged to produce new solutions where no specific rules or orders can be preset anymore. This self-organization requires an indirect leadership of the change processes. By increasing its learning ability, the company can increase its competitive advantage in several ways. It gives rise to more and […]