Creating a business model for an HR Tech startup that offers a professional orientation platform

Creating the business model for the HR Tech startup Wooply – a recruiting platform that specializes in professional orientation. A career matching algorithm directs young professionals toward the vocation that matches their inclinations and attitudes. By applying lean startup as well as HR practices and organizational psychology.

How to apply organizational behavior to build an HR Tech startup that offers gamified recruiting

Elaborating a proof-of-concept and a business model for JOBFOX — an HR Tech startup offering a gamified recruiting platform that matches job candidates and job offerings by person-organization-fit. Following the lean startup process, and applying organizational behavior insights to gamified recruiting.

Creating a business model and a launch plan for an organic food platform

Elaborating a business model and a launch plan for My Food Story – a web platform that provides farmers of organic food with a professional internet presence showcasing their work and products. Consumers can inform themselves about the whole chain of production of their food. By applying lean startup and the current knowledge on how to build a matchmaking platform.

Elaborating a plan to launch, grow and monetize a leisure activities platform

Elaborating a business model and a launch plan for PassPass – a web platform that helps providers of leisure activities to find more clients and users to plan individual activities in the region. By applying the current knowledge on how to launch, grow and monetize multi-sided web platforms.