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bi2cycle: Creating a business model for an EcoTech startup that intents to offer the completely recyclable bike

The startup idea: A completely recyclable bike

The idea for bi2cycle was pitched by Philipp at the Startup Weekend Tübingen 2013. Philipp engages in Cradle-to-Cradle, an environmental association to promote a circular economy. The business idea is to build a stylish, modular, completely recyclable bicycle. It is supposed to meet the severe criteria of Cradle-to-Cradle on the long term.

The teamwork: A design sprint to evaluate if the idea is desirable, feasible and viable

Philipp was joined by Hannah, Max, Jan, and me. We worked in several small teams to bring the product and business idea forward in this early stage: product design, value proposition and clientele, as well as the operational model, particularly activities and partners. What will have to happen to make this idea real?

I have shared how to practice lean startup and have collaborated on customer development and business model development. We got out of the building and validated our problem hypotheses and our solution hypotheses by interviewing people, and adapted the value proposition and business model accordingly.

Phillip wins the award of “most innovative business idea” on the Startup Weekend Tübingen 2013.

The result: Award “Most innovative business idea” for Philipp, and support to realize the recyclable bike

bi2cycle won the award of “most innovative business idea” on the Startup Weekend Tübingen 2013 coupled with free web services for a year. Philipp can pursue the business idea further and realize the completely recyclable bicycle.

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