Hello, I’m Nicole Schaller, the academy founder. I help Christian entrepreneurs and servant leaders to tackle the management and leadership challenges that come with starting a business, growing a company, or reinventing an organization.

Our world moves in the direction of the questions we pose and the problems we attempt to solve. That is why I explore new ways of how we work, collaborate, manage businesses and lead people in response to the big management and leadership challenges we’re facing. To achieve that, I draw from the wisdom of Christian entrepreneurship and servant leadership as well as innovative management and leadership approaches.

In self-paced courses, guided classes, individual coaching and peer circles, you’ll learn to develop yourself as a leader, advance your business, and make an impact. Choose a challenge that resonates with you and start working on it today.

Ellie from Strasbourg wanted to create the EdTech startup Apprends un truc, a tutoring platform to find the right tutor and meet in a virtual classroom. Read how we have developed an educational and business concept.

The academy

Founded in 2010 as an organization consulting based on my fresh master’s degree in management, leadership and organizational behavior/psychology, Nicole Schaller is now an online academy with courses, coaching, and a learning community.

I’ve started working with startups a couple of years ago, helping them to start lean, develop their business model and become entrepreneurs. For high-growth businesses, I am exploring approaches to scaling people while maintaining excellence. In SME management, I am increasingly focused on how to reinvent the management and leadership system to unleash human potential at work.

Right now, I’m elaborating new online courses, but I’m always available for startup leader coaching, growth leader coaching or change leader coaching.

Nicolas from Marseille had the idea for My Food Story, a platform helping organic farmers to make their work and produce visible to consumers. Read how we have developed and tested his startup idea.

Nicole’s background

An industrial business administrator by training, I worked in European B2B industry and services for 15 years. In this capacity, I assisted senior management and ran corporate offices, conducted cross-functional commercial processes, and collaborated on controlling, organizational and consulting projects.

I’ve lived in Italy and France, and speak English, German, French and Italian – so, while the courses are in English, we can talk in your language in the coaching calls if you prefer. 

More formal bio on LinkedIn

Ludovica from Milano wanted to create the HR tech startup Wooply helping young people to find a vocation rather than a profession. Read how we have developed a psychologically sound approach to the recruiting platform as well as the business concept.

Alex and Daniel from Darmstadt intended to create a business, IT-SEAL, around a social engineering audit to raise awareness for business security. Read how we have elaborated the business model that got them funded.

What people are saying

“With Nicole Schaller we have worked successfully during the startup weekend in Darmstadt. Her experience and structured input were very helpful and have allowed us to develop our business model further.”

Alex Wyllie, founder + CEO of IT-Seal

“Mrs. Schaller worked successfully on ‘learning organization’ and ‘organizational citizenship behavior’ while studying at the FernUniversität. She convinced with sophisticated elaboration and competent reflection in excellent papers and presentations. For her current engagement, I wish her every success!”

Wendelin Küpers, professor for organization and leadership