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Management and leadership academy for European business leaders who start and grow businesses, or reinvent organizations

Startup leader challenge

Startup leader challenge

When you’re starting a company, you’re building a team and company from scratch, and maybe you’re in a leader role for the first time in your life.

Explore the services to help you develop yourself as a startup leader and build your company.

Change leader challenge

Change leader challenge

In an established enterprise, whether you own it or have a leading role in it, you lead change by working from what’s there.

Discover the services to help you develop yourself as a change leader and reinvent the management and leadership in your organization.

Nicole Schaller, academy founder

Hi, I’m Nicole Schaller. I help European business leaders to tackle the management and leadership challenges that come with founding, scaling up and innovating a business.

Our world moves in the direction of the questions we pose. That’s why I elaborate the courses and coaching in response to the complex leadership and organizational challenges we’re facing. Choose a challenge that resonates with you and start working on it today.

In self-paced courses, guided classes, facilitated peer circles, individual coaching and a learning community you learn new skills and how to apply them to develop yourself as a leader, and your business.

Upcoming leader circles – Enroll today

Develop yourself as a leader in the safe environment of a closed peer group setting with facilitated coaching

Upcoming online classes – Enroll today

Get structured guidance in a 12-week class, learn project-based and experiential, and exchange experience in a learning community

Self-paced courses

Learn and practice in your own time, get my support, and exchange experiences in the community


Get individual coaching for you and your co-founders, or leadership team