Welcome, I’m glad you’re here. How would Jesus start, grow and reinvent a business today? How would He lead His people? What if God was your co-founder? I help entrepreneurs to start, grow and reinvent businesses the way Jesus would – as a servant leader.

Let’s explore how to tackle the management and leadership challenges that come with starting a business, growing a company, or reinventing an organization by following Jesus’ way and apply it to leading people, building great organizations and going the entrepreneurial journey. We’re searching not to know everything about leadership, but to know leadership.

I’m currently changing the scope of my online academy and coaching. If you would like to be an early adopter, we can do a series of coaching sessions on how you can learn to be kingdom-driven, lead like Jesus, and work with God as a business partner.

With love and gratitude,

Nicole Schaller
Academy founder

When you’re starting a business, you’re building a team and company from scratch, and maybe you’re in a leader role for the first time in your life. If you are the (co-)founder of an early stage startup, then this learning path is for you. 

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When you grow your business, you work on scaling your impact and building an organization. You professionalize your operations to get repeatable results, and build a high-performing team to get extraordinary results. If you are the (co-)founder of a high-growth business, then this learning path is for you.

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To create an innovative enterprise that stays ahead of the change curve, you work on becoming a management innovator and reinventing your management system and leadership first, because it influences everything else you do. If you are the (co-)founder or owner of an established business, and you wish to ignite change, then this learning path is for you.

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