European management + leadership academy

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Learn to start, scale and reinvent your business. Management and leadership courses, coaching, consulting and community for European business leaders who start and scale up businesses, or reinvent enterprises

The big challenges

Our world moves into the direction of the questions we pose. This is why I elaborate the courses and coaching on innovative management and leadership approaches in response to some of the most complex organizational challenges we’re facing.

Learn + work

In the courses and coaching I’ll make you work on your business and leadership challenge and familiarize you with innovative management and leadership approaches along the way. Combine the formats for best results. This is how a weekly learn and work flow may look like:

Courses. Online courses teach you how to tackle a big challenge and make you work on your business.

Coaching. Get structured guidance on how to work on your skills and your business in business leader coaching, team workshops or collaborative consulting, all held via video calls.

Community. Get support by me both on the course content and your business, learn with others and discuss what you’re working on.