European management + leadership academy

I believe, our world moves into the direction of the questions we pose. That's why I create courses, online classes, leader circles and coaching in response to the big management and leadership challenges we're facing today.

Our No. 1 job as business leaders is to reinvent our own work because it affects everything else.

In the future, we'll be managing less and leading more. Leadership will be performed out in the periphery of our organizations.

Scaling an organization is about the mindset and behaviors to create and spread excellent organizational principles and practices.

Today, we're competing on the basis of different values and core competencies that form our business model.

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Management and leadership academy for European business leaders who start and grow businesses, or reinvent organizations

Nicole Schaller, academy founder

Hi, I’m Nicole Schaller. I help European business leaders to tackle the management and leadership challenges that come with founding, scaling up and innovating a business.

Our world moves in the direction of the questions we pose. That’s why I elaborate the courses and coaching in response to the complex organizational challenges we’re facing today.

In self-paced courses, guided classes, facilitated peer circles, individual coaching and a learning community you learn new skills and how to apply them to develop yourself as a leader, and your business.

Choose a challenge that resonates with you and start working on yourself and your business today.

Featured challenges

Complex organizational and leader challenges, and my response to it

Reinvent management challenge

How might we all become management innovators? How to make management innovation – reimagining and rebuilding how we manage and organize – a core capability?

Leaders everywhere challenge

How can we foster leaders everywhere? How to dramatically expand the leadership capacity of our organization?

Scale excellence challenge

How can we scale excellence? How to create and diffuse excellent organizational principles and practices?

Start lean challenge

How to start lean? How to build a business around an idea?

Upcoming leader circles – Enroll today

Develop yourself as a leader in the safe environment of a closed peer group setting with facilitated coaching

Upcoming online classes – Enroll today

Get structured guidance in a 12-week class, learn project-based and experiential, and exchange experience in a learning community

Self-paced courses

Learn and practice in your own time, get my support, and exchange experiences in the community


Get individual coaching for you and your co-founders, or leadership team