European management + leadership academy

Learn to start, scale and reinvent your business. Management and leadership courses, coaching, consulting and community for European business leaders who start and scale up businesses, or reinvent enterprises

The management and leadership topics

While all academy services are about innovative management and leadership approaches, I have themed the courses and coaching around four typical business situations you’ll find yourself in: starting a business, growing a business, and innovating an enterprise.

Starting up

Learn how to manage and lead your startup. When you start a business, you’re trying to figure out what customers want and what works for your business. You practice lean startup doing simultaneous product development, customer development and business model development to achieve product-market-fit and build a profitable business around it.

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Scaling up

Learn how to manage and lead your growing business, or scaleup. When you grow your business, you work on scaling your business and building a company. You professionalize your operations to get repeatable results, and build a high-performing team to get extraordinary results.

Explore the scaleup courses and coaching

Reinventing enterprises

Learn how to manage and lead your innovative enterprise. To make your enterprise stay ahead of the change curve, you become a management pioneer who reinvents management and leadership principles and practices to meet 21st century goals. You create a highly engaging work environment, accelerate adaptability, foster innovation by everyone and leaders everywhere, and realize emerging business opportunities.

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The service formats

All academy services are affordable and accessible remotely in form of online courses, coaching and consulting via video call, and a learning community.


The course teaches you all you need to know about the domain and gives you activities to work on your project. You find knowledge lessons with exercises, skill trainings and guidebooks to help you learn new skills and put into practice what you just learnt. The courses are available online. The interactive course design informs you about your learning progress.


In the team workshop you get structured guidance on the course it accompanies. We use the workshop session time to talk about your activities and progress in your business project.

In business leader coaching, I’ll make you work on your business project and familiarize you with innovative management and leadership approaches along the way.

In collaborative consulting, we co-create your management and leadership solution. You can hire me to assist you in your internal change project and develop project deliverables for you, if needed.


With every service, you get access to the community of European entrepreneurs and changemakers. It offers a powerful way to discuss online what you are working on in your business. Here you can learn with others and share your activities and progress and get feedback. I provide support in the community both on the course contents and on your business project.

The service concept

All academy services are purposefully designed to make you work on your business and leadership challenge and learn innovative management and leadership approaches along the way. Combine the formats for best results. This is how a weekly learn and work flow may look like:


Hello, I’m Nicole Schaller, founder of this management and leadership academy. Based on a master in management and organizational behavior and 15 years experience in European B2B industry and services, I help European business leaders to tackle the big and daily management and leadership challenges that come with startingscaling and reinventing a business.